• Trying to get it Ready!

    All the promoting is making me have writing withdrawls. I think I'm odd, I can always write about something, always find another story to tell. The idea of writers block is foreign to me. However, I have never been faced with the need to meet a publishers requirements. I have always been able to write what I've wanted to. So I sympathize with these folks. Just trying to get this stuff that's been suggested to me ready has been overwhelming. So to think of them trying to write and respond to the demands of those doing the paying is probably rather burdensome. True, they get a little more help to do the promotions, which would be a wonderful asset, and they know they're going to make a little money for their efforts, but they also have to write knowing they obligated.

    I don't think either way is easy. I do believe that the more demands and distractions the harder it is to concentrate on a story. It all seems to be rather weighty when compared to the blissful joy of closet writing where only me and my hard drive shared my work. And today, just to add to my entertainment, I am typing one finger short since I broke my favorite index finger this weekend. At least I have an excuse for typos and I can read without quite as much guilt.

    If I was ever given a precious gift, it was the ability to read. Long before I started school I was already dragging books around, forcing my older brothers, my parents, and any other innocent visitor to read to me. My first book was Green Eggs and Ham!

    Now there is so much I want read; I'm surrounded by stacks of to be read! Sometimes I read something that makes me feel so good that I actually contact the author when possible just to thank them for their excellent work. Its a humbling experience reading some of these people who manage to put so much feeling and emotion into their work that I can feel as if I'm a part of the characters. Of course that's always followed by self doubt that I could never be equal to them. So between promo and self-doubt, I sometimes wonder if I have it in me to be a successful writer.

    I salute those who've managed to fulfill that dream successfully!


    • 1. Aug 15 2013 1:18PM by D.S.Taylor

      I love writing ... I hate marketing.

    • 2. Aug 16 2013 1:09AM by embarq5123460

      You and me both! More so than ever

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