• The Silver Lining

    I've always been compelled to write. I sometimes attribute it to my parents. I spent so much time grounded to my room for a variety of misdeeds, that I had to find something to occupy my time. Back then most homes only had one TV and personal computers were still something in Science Fiction stories. So I spent a great deal of time reading books and writing. None of the full length stories exist today, but I have a notebook of scribblings, mindless comments and ideas. I'm pretty sure I was nuts back then, so that's not new to me either. I may not be normal, but at least I have been consistently abnormal.

    And I have consistently written all these years. Most my writing remained a background entertainment to give my straying brain cells an outlet. Since life required that I find gainful employment to provide food and housing writing remained a shadowy fixation. I was lucky enough to find a husband who loved adventures and was blessed with sense of humor, so I did not feel anything was missing. Now that he has gone on to the elusive dimension beyond what we know as life, writing once again takes up a greater part of my spare time.

    So after decades of closet writing, I decided to expose myself and enter a free contest. Up until that moment, no one had ever read any of the many novel length stories I had written. I did spectacularly poorly, not even moving through the first round. Hard to say if I am truly a terrible writer of pitches, or if the novels I submitted were a little too controversial. Yet the contest, as it turns out was less important than the benefits I received.

    Through that contest, I found the most wonderful group of people. They are inspiring, helpful, amazing, encouraging, hmm, I'm running out of adjectives here. I was tempted to slip into the background again, to go on blissfully writing for no one at all. But this courageous group of writers who suffer rejection, adapted their style, found agents, self published, discovered resources, shared lessons learned, and confronted so many obstacles and continued to pursue their desire to get their stories out, began to rub off on me. I've never felt compelled to publish as I am compelled to write, but some little germination of desire was implanted. And eventually, I produced my first novel through the resources available with the generous assistance of other aspiring and successful writers.

    The worst part was facing the promotion part. I truly don't enjoy pushing my book, since I have no idea if its something others would care for. But I can't start a project and let it languish. I either finish it to the best of my ability or I don't start it. With guidance and advice of this sensational group of internet writers, I've attempted to do what is needed.

    This little adventure led to finding more great people, mainly those who are willing to spend their time and effort to help others promote their work. One website www.freebooksy.com honored me by featuring my book on their main page as a free book to check out. Others offered a sensational ad without asking for anything. I was pretty humbled since I realize that maintaining these websites or blogs are no little matter. I don't care if they have dreams of one day finding a way to support themselves through their efforts or if they only did it out of their love of books, I just know I think they are as wonderful as those sensational writers who directed me to their resources.

    So the whole event comes down to the silver lining that is there when we search for it. I'm not sure I worry too much at the success of my book as long as I can give my readers something to enjoy. But all this help to a strange stranger, since that is really all I am, is touching experience for me. I feel so damned lucky to have found such kindness. In a world where too many only notice the dark clouds gathering, I love being able to spot that glow around the edge where I know brightness shines. Thank you all, for your assistance, encouragement and spreading a little happiness and comfort in your wake.


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