• So now what?

    For a short time, I focused on writing. Lovely, glorious writing. Then I decided to do a free Kindle giveaway, hoping that it might get the first book of the series noticed. I was grateful for advice on ways to get the word out. Which, as I found, led to other sources which I diligently followed. In some ways it wasan't too bad, since I met a lot of really nice, great, helpful people. In other ways, it just demanded more of my limited time. And worse, it once again, cut into that valuable, and sometimes elusive writing time.

    Unfortunately bad weather was tearing our locale up and I just happen to be in a position that needs to be out in the bad weather trying to keep roads passable. There was a conflict of interest going on here, my interests were conflicting with their need.

    And now I am tired. Tired of overtime, tired of road washouts, tired of promoting, tired of knowing I am falling further behind in the home details--tired, tired, tired. I do know however that my overtime hours were appreciated by those driving the roads we repaired, again and again. But I wonder what I accomplished with the giveaway. I would be happy if even a few read the book, Something Taken and enjoy it. I hope if they do, they might find a way to let me know. Or if they don't enjoy it, I hope they tell me why. But I just don't know if that will happen.

    I have long given up that idea that I will ever get rich. I don't really care if I do or not. I'd most likely give a lot away if I was, I don't need much. I wouldn't mind having enough money to write all the time, though. I have this giant backlog of books in mind that I would love to write, from humor, to non-fiction, to contemporary fiction. If I ever figure out whether anyone actually enjoys my work, I might even go back over those few dozen novels already written and see about tidying them up.

    And while I was at it, I would love to get the patio done to get the PingPong table set up. The horseshoe pit is done, and the volleyball/badmitten net nearly in a permanant place. Then I could fill my yard up with people who just want to have a good time, who want to relax, who want to find a friend. Everyone's invited, I wish I knew more people since people are the spice of life (even if some make it a little more peppery than I personally care for).

    So God, if you're listening, I'm tired of repairing roads now, so could we cut off the storms? And if you want to find a way for me to have a few spare dollars, I promise I will use it to make others happy.

    And anyone else who stumbles over this site, if you by any chance read my books and it made you think, or made you happy, you can let me know. I don't think the pot of gold is about to appear but at least I'll be a little further along in satisfaction.


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