• Hello World!!

    This is going to drive me nuts. I know I've been told this is a great tool for communicating and sharing my work, but I may lose my mind before it is completed. We are now on the third attempt to do a blog. It sort of seems pointless to write and keep losing it. However, being one of those mentally derranged people who will curse and gnash my teeth at this inanimate object until something takes hold, I am forced to persevere.

    This is not a typical author blog, but then I'm not a typical author either. It would probably make an excellent study case on abnormal behavior for a college psyche class. With a bit of pride, however, I will note that abnormality is one of the few traits I have perfected in my life. Insanity has never been a problem, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

    I do hope I can entice you into reading my novels, however. With a few too many experiences, and a penchant for observation, I have taken my stories from real life. Life has always struck me as being quirky enough that I haven't felt the need to divert into fantasy. It's not always pleasant, but it is always real. I hope I can entertain you even if my work occasionally confronts issues that we don't always consider. The stories may contain a message, but the overriding notion is we always move forward and in the future, there is always hope. Sometimes it may feel elusive, but if you reach for it, you can always find a little bit to grasp until you can see better things ahead.


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