• Chaos Rules Here

    I often wonder if I should be doing this. After all, with a mind like mine, perhaps it should be not left on its own to ramble. I wanted to do a Book Giveaway from Goodreads, so that more people might have the chance to read my book before I release the second of the sequel. Its on its way, just finishing up the last of the edits and proofreads. I was blessed to find an editor who not only is reasonable, but often makes suggestions which make the whole better. The joy of publishing on my own, they cannot threaten me with a refusal to publish if I don't heed their advice. However, I have never believed I acheived perfection, so I am always open to suggestions. In the end, they have combined their efforts to give me the opportunity to make my work better.

    But I've noticed a few things as I try to keep up with all those suggestions that are flung around from various sources for Indy authors. Number one: I have a feeling that there are far more people taking a chance with this new technology that have a bit more financial security than me. Everyday I receive a host of ads telling me the path to success for promotion, for writing, for editing, even for time management!

    Its hard to know what to think of all the available resources. True, with unlimited funds, I could probably buy my way to success. I could find out exactly what makes an agent take notice, if only I pay the agent to notice it. I can learn how to write a plot and the scenes. Of course I wonder if I didn't know the plot of my story from the outset, what I would be doing writing at all. The guy who has sold thousands and thousands of books he has self-published, will give me his tips for successful promotions, if I fork over some money. And guess what I fork over the money for? Being one of the thousands that purchase his books. I don't know, it sort of reminded me of the old Amway program.

    So here I am wondering if all these great programs will help make a better product. In the end I decided my money would be best spent on an editor. If I put something out there, I want it to be good enough not to offend anyone. I might still miss that little typo, and there may still be the one little formatting issue that didn't quite work out right, but in the end, I hope its as close to top quality as I can make it.

    And for those brilliant minds who want me to spend money on time management--HA! That is not going to happen. There is not enough money in the entire Federal Reserve to achieve that. Its the one thing that's a given in my life, organization is just never going to gain the upper hand around here. I work full time, I have a huge yard with several separate gardens, I take in strays, I build things, run model trains in my backyard, restore old equipment, volunteer at a museum, and find my friends and neighbors always calling on me to 'help' with another project. There is little reason to manage something I have so little of. Of all my precious resources, time is the most elusive.

    There are other reasons for this impossible notions. At work, I can schedule crews to get the work done in record time, but I can't explain how I do it. I'm an end results person and so I focus on that. Then there is the mind which is not always under my control. I could say I intend to blog once a week at such a time, but the schedule will fail as I am off pursuing some other task my mind has suddenly decided to take an interest in. Someone once suggested I make notes. I did, and after a wasted hour trying to find them later, I decided I'd give up that notion. Nor can I be one of those who says, I will spend an hour writing every night, starting no later than seven pm. That's not likely if the well stops, the sprinkler breaks, a friend calls in crisis, the dogs get ear mites, or any other of life's interferences. Maybe if I am ever granted the priviledge of writing for a living, instead of mundane jobs to pay the bills, I will manage to get organized.

    And then I think again, and realize, it's just not a likely scenario -- chaos rules here.


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