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Reluctant Writer

Welcome to my attempt at sharing my writing and my writing escapades.  Perhaps we will find a way to share a laugh and maybe even learn something.  

If you think this is messy

you should see my mind ...

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Life is exciting when you’re eighteen and on your own--making a new start and leaving your past behind.  

Then everything changed. When she is pulled over by the police, Terry submits to the officer’s demands, too intimidated to resist. As the cop stalks her, life becomes overwhelming. With only a stray mutt to confide in and drugs to hide her shame, everything Terry hoped to achieve is slipping away. Something has been taken from her that she can’t get back.


And now the cop is dead.


When Deputy Andy Blakely finds her incoherent and covered in blood, helping her takes a disturbing twist.  Discovering evidence he never expected, Andy realizes justice is a slippery concept.  With Terry’s future at stake, he struggles with his own principles.

Duty commands he turn her in.

Compassion tells him she may become a scapegoat for corruption.


Wishing to join the ranks of those who tell me they are in the know, I have decided to do this website.  It will help introduce my readers to me and my books.  Hopefully my visitors will find a little inspiration, or maybe something of interest or share their interests.  And the odd curiosity seeker might just discover a strange tidbit or two, maybe just enjoy a laugh or a smile.  Feel free to contribute, join in, voice your opinion, or make suggestions.  I hope to be able to offer a little something for my efforts, if nothing else, just a smile for the day.

Books in Print & On the Way


If I accomplish nothing else in life,  at least I can serve as an example of what not to do.


Some mistakes are just too fun to make only once.


Don't take life too seriously, its not permanent.


Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most


Dear God, Please help me to be

the kind of person my dogs think I am


Jerrie's Logic


To be released August 10, 2013 on Amazon.com

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The Great Giveaway

Here's your chance to win a free copy of the book, Something Taken.  Enter on Goodreads, for the chance of being one of fifteen winners.  I look forward to being able to share this with others, before the sequel is released at the end of November.  Good Luck to one and all!

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Coming by the end of November 2013! The sequel to Something Taken!

When the note arrives in the mail, it’s a warning that the wonderful life Melissa McCurdy has built, is about to be shattered.  Married for twenty-five years, with two grown children, Melissa has been planning for the peaceful Golden Years.  With the arrival of the cryptic message from a friend, she must confront the past which she tried hard to hide.  How can she find a way to explain nearly thirty years of deception?


Twenty-eight years ago, Melissa, known then as Terry, was involved in a terrible crime.  The whole incident remains a fuzzy memory since her perception was warped by drugs and alcohol.  Even her guilt is fraught with questions.  Somehow, she must find a way to seek the truth from the tragedy.


More frightening than knowing she could spend the rest of her life in prison, is revealing her sordid history to her family.  She never shared stories of her younger years, hoping that they remained dead and buried.  Now, her revelations may bring an end all the joy and love she worked so hard to secure. No matter how she analyzes it, she cannot find a way to reveal her past without destroying her future.


Melissa McCurdy, aka Terry Roche, is about to get a lesson in the power of love.